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It it needless to read with Bemays xaff t del, for the inexact antecedent is common in Aristotle. A good saying attributed to him has been preserved in Stobaeus xlv. The discussion which follows affords a curious example of the manner in which Aristotle after passing through a maze of casuistry at length arrives at the conclusions of common sense. Thus England might be said to be a monarchy once aristocratically, now democratically administered; France a republic in which some of the methods of imperialism survive cp. But compare also Sosicrates [b.

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Finally, we must allow that Aristotle may not have remembered or may have misimderstood the words of Plato. The soldiers of the front rank are the whole class of the bravest, most spirited, and most courageous men; the common herd of soldiers are the remaining multitude. Aristotle, who is over- mastered by the idea of opposites, naturally infers that the very worst must be the opposite of the very best. He therefore differs from the artisan. These words are a statement of the general question which is afterwards subdivided into three cases, though the carelessness of the language might at first sight lead to the inference that Aristode is putting the third case only.

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This explanation is repeated by several of the scholiasts ; but Aristotle, with much greater probability, supposes the banished man to offer himself for trial of the original offence. If they approved, a day was appointed on which the vote was taken. Thus the election of the President of the United States by Electoral Colleges has passed into a mere form of universal suffrage. The chapter may be regarded either as an imperfect recapitolation or as notes for the continuation of the subject. On every table a large vessel is set full of diluted wine: For example, has the president of the assembly, in whatever way appointed, the same functions at Sparta and at Athens?
Solon's law forbidding neutrality in a sedition Plut. The only Archias of Thebes known to us was an oligarch, who betrayed the citadel of Thebes to the Spartans, and was afterwards himself slain by Pelopidas and his fellow conspirators. Compare the opening of the Nicom. For the councillors setUe beforehand what is to be done: There may have been a difference in the custom before and after the days of Epitadeus cp. Aristotle clearly uses the word frp6 in the sense of precedence as supra c.
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